For Prospective Students (Graduate School)

Dept Anim Res Sci Major Anim Life Sci
 Open Guidance   (CLOSE)

We will offer open guidance for those who wish to enroll in the Master's and Ph.D. programs to provide information about our department's research and educational activities. Anyone can attend, regardless of whether you are on or off-campus. Please feel free to join.

 Note that it is possible to apply to graduate school without participating in this guidance.

Upcoming Guidance 
Date : Not decided (probably in early June, 2024)
Venue :
Contents :
information about the department, entrance examinations, and the research fields of each laboratory. "Online open lab" by using breakout rooms.
   A brochure introducing the Department of Animal Resource Sciences (8 MB)
   is available here (sorry, it is in Japanese).
   Introduction movies of each laboratory can be viewed here
   (sorry, again, they are mostly in Japanese).

Those thinking of enrolling in our department but could not participate in the open guidance can also take the entrance examination. In such a case, please contact the following faculty members or your desired supervisor.

For any inquiries regarding open guidance, please contact...

Prof. Satoshi TANAKA, PhD
TEL: 03-5841-5472
E-mail: asatoshi{at}
Assoc. Prof. Fumihiko HAKUNO, PhD
TEL: 03-5841-1310
E-mail: hakuno{at}
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