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Dept Anim Res Sci Major Anim Life Sci
> Open Guidance / Info Session (New info will be occasionally posted here)
> A cource @ KOMABA : Applied Animal Sciences I : Introduction to Animal Life Sciences
 A cource @ KOMABA : Introduction to Animal Cell Research (CLOSE)

Volunteer faculty members from our department will introduce principles and research methods of biological phenomena of animal cells. We also plan to offer tours of our laboratory and hands-on training in cell culture for applicants if the COVID-19 situation allows. For details of this course, please check ITC-LMS or UTAS.

Course Group : Thematic Courses Specialized Seminar
Course Code : 31679
Day, Period, Term : MON 5th(16:50〜18:35), S
Classroom : 5-517 Face-to-Face (exc the first week)
Schedule : Plan for 2024 (sorry, it is in Janapese)

For any inquiries regarding this course, please contact...

Prof. SatoshiTTANAKA PhD
TEL: 03-5841-5472
E-mail: asatoshi{at}
> A cource @ KOMABA : Introduction to One Earth Guradians
> A cource @ KOMABA : Agric. Scientists Studio Interview
> A cource @ KOMABA : Science of protein all around us - practice course @ Yayoi


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