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Chair, Department of Animal Resource Sciences
Shin-Ichiro TAKAHASHI, PhD

 Animals are heterotrophs that must depend on other organisms on Earth for energy to survive. Of course, we are a part of this group, and we have always looked to the earth for resources to survive. However, human beings have given so much priority to economic profit and enriching our lives that we have caused great damage to other organisms and to the earth itself.
 How do we need to live for the future of humanity? We can't stop living the convenient life, so we have to reduce the burden of our activities as much as possible and find a way to coexist with other living things. For this purpose, the Department of Animal Resource Sciences and the Major in Animal Life Sciences, would like to promote education and research to maintain the lifelong health of animals, including humans, and to eliminate the wasteful use of animals by humans in their daily lives, and to return the results to society.
  In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to unravel the mechanisms of the complex and diverse life phenomena of animals and to explore the possibilities for their application. Our research focuses on mammals, but we also use other model animals to understand life at the molecular, cellular, individual, and population levels.
  Although our department is still young, having been established only about 25 years ago, we are studying the life and evolution of animals in a comprehensive manner by integrating embryology, genetics, immunology, endocrinology, cell biology, biochemistry, neurobehavioral science, and radiation biology, and we are considering the future position of humans in the real science of agriculture. In addition to biology, chemistry, and physics, we also add mathematical and sociological perspectives to our research to create a new academic field called "Animal Resource Sciences".
On the other hand, the Department of Animal Resource Sciences has more than 30 researchers, including full-time faculty members, adjunct faculty members from the Department of Veterinary Medical Science, faculty members from affiliated facilities and research centers, and specially appointed faculty members. This is a custom-tailored and careful research and educational guidance system. We are working together to promote world-class research based on collaboration within the university, in Japan, and overseas.
 Under the theme of "Animal Science Today," why don't you join us in identifying problems, researching ways to solve them, and working together to put them into practice?
 We are looking forward to the participation and cooperation of all of you who are motivated.

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